Thorn In The U.S.A.

Superstitions & GOP Monsters

September 16, 2022 A Group of Concerned Citizens! Season 1 Episode 13
Thorn In The U.S.A.
Superstitions & GOP Monsters
Show Notes

Take it from Satan, himself, you play with fire, you get burned!

Superstitions are for heathens and questionables! But, choosing to air her THIRTEENTH episode, was a BIG mistake for Midge! Find out why.

 Also, we dig deep on the Mir-A-Lago raid by the “radical-left scoundrels,” and provide a detailed timeline of how it all went down. HINT: it was really, all just a silly storage issue, per lil’ Marco Rubio’s opinion… in which international nuclear secrets were not managed properly. Big effen whooptidoo!

 Also, for the record, Tucker Carlson makes even the douchiest douchebags look respectable.

 Also, too, POTUS #45 is the most innocent person in the history of forever… according to that paragon of goodness, Sebastian Gorka!

 On this episode, Midge celebrates (and we poke) her fellow deplorables: Donald J. Trump, Melania Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, little Marco Rubio, Scott Baio, Chuck Woolery, Amy Coney Barret, Mar-A-Lago, Jared Kushner, Lindsey Graham, Sebastian Gorka, and the worst of them all, Tucker Carlson

 If you enjoyed our show, please consider putting your support behind Marcus Flowers, an army veteran running to unseat Marjorie Taylor Green in Georgia.

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